Pet Care And Services

Pet Care And Services

Pet Care And Services

Pet Care And Services


Ultrasound identifying an intestinal foreign body

Capital Veterinary Specialists is committed to provide superb care of your pets. Your pet’s health is our number one priority. Our second priority is an honest, compassionate interaction with you, the pet owners, to keep you continually informed on your pet’s health and your options given your pet’s situation

Critical Care

Our critical care department is led by board-certified critical care specialist Dr. Courtney Crane.

  • Critical Care Pet Transfers

  • Snake Bite therapy

  • Oxygen-dependent patient care

  • Advanced IV fluid support, Life support, and ventilator therapy

  • Seizure patient stabilization

  • Acute crisis management for liver or renal failure

  • Immune-mediated disease therapy,

  • Post-operative patient care and pain management